The Team

Meet the team!

A gaming experience is greater, the greater the number of people we can share it with, and here we transfer that feeling to the development side. We are a team who loves as much the gaming, as the development side of this industry.

Tiago Costa

Tiago Costa

Founder | Project Manager | Developer
As the founder of Shadow Profile, my mission is to build a company where people love what they build and take pride on it. Making games should be as fun as playing them.

Alberto Watt

Office temperature director
My sole life purpose is to keep my colleagues warm and cozy!

Carlos Vilaça

Unity Developer
Developing a game is as fun as playing one, it can be fun or it can be a nightmare, it depends if you have coffee.

Nuno Carvalho

Unity Developer

Mariana Cerqueira

Creating a 3d scene is like building a whole new world inside your head.
Tito Machado

Tito Machado

Unity Developer
Game Development is the best "Co-op game" there is. Success is a cooperative effort; it’s dependent upon those who stand beside you. And if you enjoy what you do, you´ll want to share it with others. So, if by my skills I can help you, a client or a co-worker, with your project, I will.

Diony Costa

Unreal Developer
Being a developer is a journey where the next stop is the solution to a previous problem.